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The good, bad and ugly sides to South Koreas Jeju Island

‘Not a single customer’: South Korea’s Jeju Island struggles as Chinese tourists desert it Residents complain they’re missing out on the boom and many are angry that they bear the costs of tourism (traffic jams, rubbish-strewn beaches and depleted underground water supplies), without receiving the benefits as only a fraction of the revenue generated actually stays on the island. For example, Jeju was the most visited Asian cruise port in 2016 yet many of the 1.2 million passengers spent only a few hours ashore, contributing little to the economy. Then, in March 2017, just as local protests were reaching fever pitch, the Chinese government brought its Asian neighbour to heel by banning the sale of package tours to South Korea in protest at Seoul’s decision to deploy an American missile defence system. Hong Kong tourists flock to South Korea to fill in void left by Chinese Jeju’s streets, hotels and restaurants emptied almost overnight and takings, particularly at duty-free shops, fell off a cliff. Ironically, the boycott delighted many locals, who rather optimistically hoped that domestic holidaymakers and foreigners would make up the shortfall. But after a year that saw Chinese tourists playing the role of pawns in a game of political brink­manship, the ban was relaxed. Whether the Hawaii of South Korea can revert to its holiday honeypot status remains to be seen. Those with vested interests are hoping it will. Plans for construction of the afore­mentioned second airport to take pressure off Jeju International (64,991 annual flights, don’t forget) have been revived.

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Bottom line! When can we travel to North Korea?

Hit The Road With The Right Advice To Make Travel Fun

Few things are more thrilling than travel. No matter if you are venturing far afield or exploring sites closer to home, you ought to keep certain travel fundamentals in mind. This article will help you to plan out the perfect trip.

Use an ATM when you are in a distant country. Banks normally get an exchange rate that is much higher than an individual would be able to get. This will save you a lot of your money over time.

Make sure you don't pack too much stuff, and also do a checklist for your major essentials. The less stuff you have, the better your chances of being able to keep an eye on everything. Bring as few shoes with you as possible; they are heavy and take up lots of room in your luggage.

Sign up online for a price watcher. This feature offered by many websites lets you enter in destinations you travel to frequently and it watches them for you. When the prices of the hotel or airfares drop to the level of your choosing, the website will alert you with an email about the change. This saves you the aggravation of checking the price every day.

Before booking your next trip, do your research. Look for review websites that have opinions on places you plan on visiting. Ask your friends and relations about their travel experiences. Doing your own research will help you decide.

Always keep your most important belongings on hand when travelling. Tuck your purse under your arm. Avoid choosing bags that have zippered pockets on the outside. These are easily accessible in crowded areas, so if your bag does have one, it is best to leave it empty. When buying a travel bag, keep this in mind.

Make sure that someone you trust back home knows your travel itinerary. This is a great tip because it ensures that a non-traveler is always aware of what you are doing. For the sake of your safety, always keep in touch with this person too. If they hear from you regularly and know your location at all times, there won't be any reason to worry.

Keep it together. Avoiding wasting time looking all over for your adapters, travel pillow and toiletry items. Instead, keep a bag packed with these essentials and you can be ready to go that much quicker. A container is great for storing many different objects.

Place identifying information inside the bags as well as affixing the usual baggage tag. External luggage tags can accidentally be removed during transit. Should it be that your bags go missing and no tag is attached, airline employees will look for identification you have placed inside so that they can get your bags to you.

When you venture abroad, you ought to know what sorts of insurance your credit card issuers provide. For example, they may already cover cancelled flights which are purchased with the credit card. Conducting research prior to leaving is worth it.

A motorcycle is a wonderful way to travel. Motorcycles offer fuel efficiency and a fun way to travel. Give it a try!

There are many travel related forums for you to become a member of. Finding a community of fellow travelers to share experiences and socialize with is one of the best ways to prepare for a trip. You will make lots of new friends and learn a lot that can help you in your travels.

Don't drive during rush hour. If you can't avoid being in a busy area during rush hour, plan a stop and take a break for a while there. This can be the time to grab a bite to eat or let the kids out to burn some energy.

Hopefully you now have great ideas to help travel plans go well. Make sure to pack a camera!